Technology Consultancy

Hoptimum Safety & Fire Solutions subsidiaries include consultancy services in ICT, Website Development, Software Development, Desktop & Web Applications, Mobile Applications, ICT supplies, Corporate ICT Training and Multimedia services.

Software Solutions

Hoptimum Safety & Fire Solutions offers cutting edge software solutions and integrated ICT Services, that seek to enhance the efficiency of your business.

Point of Sale System

Our POS Software Solutions system makes it easy for you to manage your sales while keeping an update on your inventory. The system is both Web Based & Desktop based making it easy to access it anywhere in real time

HR & Payroll System

Our HR & Payroll Software Solutions automates administrative human resource management processes, so you can focus on managing your most valuable asset

School Management System

Our School software is windows based and also Web based. Its comprehensive providing real time access to every one authorized.  Access and manage your Institution at any place remotely.

ERP System

Our ERP System is fully web based giving you overall control over the system anywhere in the world. 

Remotely manage all your business process at a go with no reliance to desktop computers

Hospital Management System

Health Facilities are critical to our daily needs, Our Web Based & Desktop App System enables the management of this facility. 

Easily access your Health Facility information in real time and at your comfort any where.

Hotel Management System

Our system web based & desktop enabled Software Solutions makes your Hospitality facility management a walk through the park. 

We make online booking, and registration easy for your clients and easy to manage anywhere