Safety Training

Fire Safety Training

Companies are legally required to train their members of staff on safety precautions in the workplace.

Hoptimum Safety & Fire Solutions specializes in fire safety training for businesses, companies, organizations and institutions. The training designed in accordance with The Occupational Safety and Health Act, 2007 (OSHA) and Fire Risk Reduction Rules 2007, (Legal Notice No. 59 of 2007).

We train different fire fighting courses such as Basic Fire Training,  Fire Warden Training & Fire Marshall Training.

First Aid Training

Hoptimum Safety & Fire Solutions creates a  First Aid Training environment by designing and implementing a workplace first-aid program that aims to minimize the outcome of accidents or exposures, complies with OSHA requirements relating to first aid, includes sufficient quantities of appropriate and readily accessible first-aid supplies and equipment,  and train first-aid providers who receive first-aid training suitable to the specific workplace.

Training for schools, pre-schools and those looking after children and infants

The company works with schools across Kenya to:

  • Train teachers and staff
  • Teach First Aid to Students
  • Provide the resources so that teachers can deliver first aid, health and safety lessons as part of the teaching curriculum.

This is a significant part of the company’s corporate social responsibility.

First aid training in the community

As part of our CSR we go right into the heart of the community with first aid training for local organizations and groups, for people who look after young children and infants.